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Eco-Electric will never leave you out in the cold. No matter how big or small your question is, we are ready to help you.
Our expert technicians solve problems for you the same day in 99% of cases. We can guarantee this because we always have sufficient parts in stock.
Also for installation and maintenance of complete, sustainable electrical installations,

charging station or solar panel installation you can contact Eco Electric. With a service and maintenance contract you can enjoy it for as long as possible. And you have maximum guarantee of a reliable system. At Eco-Electric we only use parts of the highest quality.

Would you like a more sustainable home? solar panels or LED lighting. Go to our contact page and ask for more information about the possibilities.

For example, in the photos you are about to see, Eco Electric has designed and installed a carport roof made entirely of solar panels!
This has the advantage: of course, energy is generated and the costs of roof material are virtually saved. Now it is also the case that solar panels let light through, so there is more than enough light during the day and the carport therefore feels very spacious, and even for This is very beneficial to the yield, the reason for this is that solar panels get warm and the warmer they get, the less they produce. It is therefore ideal for a solar panel to lose heat in this way.